Hot Spring Spas Of Sioux Falls Inducted to Aqua 100

Staff of Hot Spring Spas of Sioux Falls


“From the moment our customers walk in the door, we want them to feel comfortable with us.”

—Rachael Junck

Owner, Hot Springs Spas of Sioux Falls


The showroom at Hot Springs Spas of Sioux Falls is made to feel like home.

“We wanted to create an environment where customers came for the hot tub, but stayed longer because our store is a beautiful and inviting place to be,” says Racheal Junck, who owns Hot Springs Spas of Sioux Falls with her husband, Tom.

The employee kitchen, for example, is in the middle of the showroom. Customers can sit at the kitchen island and choose from a menu of drinks and snacks to enjoy. All sales desks and the conference room are also out in the open, which encourages staff to stay organized and keep the spaces clean.

The company even has a laundry room, so towels are always fresh and in abundance — and they’re not just for drying wet hands. “Towel origami has been a very unique way to add fun to our showroom,” says Junck. “We do all kinds of animals and for the holidays, we will do a turkey, bunny, bats or even hearts.”


This open concept extends into the staff’s communication: They are in constant contact throughout the day via Broadly business software. By consolidating all of their staff and customer communications into one program, the business has significantly improved its response time. “We try to make contact within the first 10 minutes of a customer’s message, night or day,” says Junck.

The sales staff is trained to listen more than talk and to know the benefits of products inside and out. They even take products home to use with their families on a daily basis. “Our staff wants to be part of the reason customers are able to feel better, look better and sleep better,” says Junck.

After two moves in the last four years, the company is happy to be settled in a perfect location and has large goals for the future, which include doubling sales, even after a 66% total sales increase in 2019. One thing is for sure: Anything they accomplish, they will do so as a team. “Our focus each week is on the customers,” adds Junck, “but it’s also on each other.”

Aqua 100 is an incredible national honor that is only given out to 10 outstanding dealers.  Once you are inducted into the Aqua 100 you remain in the group for 10 years.  




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