What are the Benefits of Salt Water

For centuries, people have traveled to hot springs to bathe in the mineral-rich waters and experience their restorative powers. These hot springs are prized for their ability to improve health and wellness in a relaxing and natural way. Now you can enjoy those same trans formative properties without ever leaving the peace and comfort of … Read More

Freshwater Salt Water Everything You Need to Know to Get Started

by Jacque Johnson The Hot Tub Lady So you purchased the amazing Freshwater Salt System and you can’t wait to get soaking in that incredibly soft water but the questions is… How do you use it.  Hopefully this blog will contain lots of helpful tips and tricks to make using your new Freshwater Salt System … Read More

The Simplest and Most Effective Hot Tub Salt Water Chlorine Generator

Your hot tub can be your daily wellness oasis. Early in the morning, you can rise and rejuvenate in the warm water. After dinner, you can prepare for a good night’s sleep with a relaxing soak. Whether enjoying hydrotherapy alone or hosting friends and family, using your hot tub can offer joyful experiences. Today, even … Read More

Does A Salt Water System Make A Chemcal-Free Hot Tub?

If you maintain an aquarium, koi pond, or even a bird bath at home, you know the difficulty of achieving chemical-free water care. It doesn’t take very long for untreated water to develop a tell-tale layer of film and for the container it’s sitting in to become coated with algae. Even untreated water that is … Read More

What is a Fresh Water Salt Hot Tub?

  If you look up anything hot tubs today the buzz word is definitely “Salt”  It sounds great no more chemicals and who doesn’t a more natural way to sanitize their water? I have been in the industry for over 20 years and have sold many salt systems in both swimming pools and hot tubs.  … Read More

What are the are the benefits of salt water hot tubs?

For centuries, people have traveled to mineral springs to bathe in the waters and experience their restorative powers. These hot springs, which draw their heat from beneath the earth’s crust, are inherently self-sustaining. In this way, they’re much like modern salt water hot tubs, which are designed to generate their own natural cleansing and soothing properties. Owning … Read More