Why is my hot tub taking so long?

Where in the world is my hot tub?

So you finally took the plunge and decided it was time to take care of yourself and your family.  After all what a better way to spend your time at home during the pandemic, actually it is a great way to spend your time when the world gets back to normal as well.  You made the decision to make life better by adding a hot tub to your home only to hear that it could be months before you will actually get to use your new wellness machine.  It is something that is definitely nation wide and industry wide.  It is not just your dealer and it is not just your region.  The entire nation is feeling the hot tub crunch.  So the question has to be?

Why is there such a shortage of hot tubs?

First and foremost.  There is an huge surge in customer interest.  Hot tub sales are at an unprecedented high. There are several reasons for  this increase.

  • Hot tubs are a wellness machine.  Your hot tub will help you mentally, physically  and with your relationships as well.
  • Quality family time.  We are all spending much more time at home these days.  Why not spend time with your family relaxing and connecting in the comfortable hot water.
  • Hot tubs help you communicate.  There all no distractions in a hot tub you can have honest open conversations in a hot tub that you won’t anywhere else.
  • Hot tubs provide a release.  A hot tub is a place you can go and unplug from social media, news and all the things that cause distractions and anxiety in our world today.
  • Hot tubs are a safe form of social distancing.
  • Hot tubs help you recover.  From over exertion and everyday aches and pains.
  • Hot tubs help with circulation.
  • Hot tubs provide pain relief from arthritis and many other ailments.
  • Hot tubs help you sleep better.
  • Hot tubs help you feel better.
  • Hot tubs help you recover. 
  • People are spending more time at home and enjoying and investing into their back yards.
  • Vacations are  just not happening out about any more so people are stay-cationing at home.

Second the pipeline has been depleted.  With the extreme demand all hot tubs that have been in show rooms and warehouses have been sold and delivered. There have been literally thousands of hot tubs sold and delivered in the past 6 months.  With many factories shut down for a few weeks it created a big bottle neck in the pipeline.

Third there are some small supply chain issues due to the virus. 

  • Hot tub manufactures do manufacturer hot tubs, but they do get components from other manufactures and those manufactures typically manufacturer components for other industries.  For example some manufacturers get pumps from the same company that makes pumps and parts  for lawn mowers and snow blowers, or boat manufactures, and the list continues to go on.
  • PPE there are products that hot tub use that the resources were needed to help produce PPE during the pandemic.

Fourth making sure the employees are safe during the pandemic to produce the hot tubs.  It is important that manufactures are providing a safe environment for their employees.   The following have slowed the manufacturing process as well.

  • Social distancing.  All workers need to be 6′ apart.
  • Proper hand washing.
  • Testing of employees for safe work environments

Fifth.  Shortage of shipping providers both in and out of the factories.  

As you can see there are so many factors that are contributing to the longer wait for your hot tub.   However if you chose a quality tub it will be worth the wait.

Why is it worth the wait?

If you chose a Hot Spring Spa you will be so glad that you did. 20 years from now (it will last that long) you will be so happy you chose a quality hot tub with a quality guarantee and it will bring you years of enjoyment.  Here is a list of things that will give you peace of mind while you wait.

  1. Watkins Wellness is the only  publicly traded hot tub manufacturer.  This means for you that they will be here to take care of you for decades to come.
  2. 20 year parts guarantee.  Hot Spring guarantees that they will have parts in stock for your hot tub for 20 years.
  3. Watkins wellness has the coveted ISO 9001 certification for quality
    management in the production process,
    strong customer focus, and continual
    improvements in all areas, and Watkins
    has maintained ISO 9001 certification
    ever since. It recently passed the milestone of making 1 million hot tubs, and is well on its way to doubling that number.
  4. With a Hot Spring Spa you always get the promise of Better Water, Better Massage and Better Energy and a Better overall ownership experience.

When you choose a Hot Spring Spa you are choosing the best quality and it is 100% worth the wait. 


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