How To Buy a Hot Tub from Home

Shopping for a hot tub from the comfort of your home is nothing new, and with the “Social Distancing” that is going on at the moment we thought we would take a moment and let you know how truly easy it is to purchase a quality hot tub from home and still get all the … Read More

CDC Says Personal Hot Tubs Safe.

Social Distancing is the new norm  for a few weeks for sure and we are finding our hot tub customers are using their hot tubs even more.  The CDC state that Covid-19 is not transmitted through water and a properly sanitized hot tub with chlorine or bromine is safe. Just for clarification a salt … Read More

Stay-Cations on the Rise

Hot Tub Sales on the Rise as Corona Virus Keeps Midwest Residents at Home– Staycations on the Rise in 2020. The Coronavirus, COVID-19, has hit the community of South Dakota. South Dakota  has recently been victim of the Coronavirus outbreak with 5 confirmed cases so far. On Wednesday, Govonor Kristy Noem confirmed the 5 cases … Read More