Links to Owners Manuals & Other Helpful Tips

Here is a link to get you to all owners manuals and lots of other helpful tips that hopefully you will find them helpful. 2019 Highlife Owners Manual 2019 Limelight Owners Manual 2019 Hot Spot Owners Manual

@ Ease Spa Frog “Cheat Sheets” Highlife Series

by Jacque Johnson The Hot Tub Lady Congratulations on purchasing one of the easiest water care systems on the market.  @Ease Spa Frog System.  It is a very easy once a months system once your balanced to the following perimeters. Alkalinity: 40-120 pH: 7.2-7.8 Hardness: 50-100 Chlorine: .5-1.0 You follow the following steps. Once above … Read More

Freshwater Salt Water Everything You Need to Know to Get Started

by Jacque Johnson The Hot Tub Lady So you purchased the amazing Freshwater Salt System and you can’t wait to get soaking in that incredibly soft water but the questions is… How do you use it.  Hopefully this blog will contain lots of helpful tips and tricks to make using your new Freshwater Salt System … Read More

General Hot Tub Tips and Tricks

by Jacque Johnson  The Hot Tub Lady 7/31/2019 Filling the hot tub.  When filling the hot tub from an empty state you will always place the hose in the actual filter compartment. This to ensure there is no air lock in the line and the tub will start up correctly. Remove the filter and place … Read More